This is the big Eclipse Weekend. The Solar Eclipse will be Monday Morning, but we will be celebrating on Saturday evening. You need the sun and moon for an eclipse, for fine dinning you need food and beverage.  Instead of one eclipsing the other, we will be striving for a perfect harmony of flavors.   

To celebrate the celestial event we will be offering a gourmet meal alfresco in our orchards.  There will be five courses highlighting farm fresh local produce and gourmet foods paired with five wines and ciders. The menu will be posted soon. 

Our second and last dinner will be on August 19th  with Chef Carrie Wong from Extreme Chocolates and Catering.  

Click here to send an email requesting reservations.  Please include the names of your guests. 

Or, Call 503 393 1506 and ask for Maddy or John

September 30
Harvest Festival