We offer over 20 varieties to choose from fresh from our our orchard to you. Our fist variety to ripen is the Gravenstein in late July, harvest continues until early November. Use the guide below to find the perfect variety for your taste.


       AKANE – Late Summer, bright red, tart, good fresh eating, cooking, sauce and pie.

BRAEBURN – Late Fall, red with yellow to orange background, tart, very solid even when cooked, good for pie, fresh eating, salad and chunky sauces.


    FUJI – Late Fall, red to orange with yellow background, sweet and juicy, crisp, excellent for eating and salads, good for cooking.

              GALA – Fall, yellow background with red striping, sweet, crisp yellow flesh, excellent cooking, fresh eating and sauce.

  GOLDEN DELICIOUS – Fall, yellow sometimes tint of green, sweet and juicy, excellent for fresh eating, not firm when cooked but good flavor for pies, tarts and desserts.

     GRANNY SMITH – Late Fall, bright green, tart and juicy, good fresh eating, holds shape well when cooked, excellent for pies, tarts and desserts.

HONEY CRISP – Early Fall, yellow with red stripes and blush, very sweet and juicy, excellent for fresh eating.

    IDA RED – Fall, bright red, sweet rich flavor, good for fresh eating and pie, excellent for baking.

   JONATHON – Late Summer, bright red with greenish background, slightly tart with good apple flavor, good for fresh eating, juicing, salads, applesauce and desserts.

JONAGOLD – Fall, red over yellow background, sweet and juicy, full flavored, good for fresh eating, salads and cooking.

    KING – Fall green in color, very waxy feeling, slightly tart and very solid, an apple more suited for cooking than fresh eating, remains firm when cooked.

LADY APPLE – Late Fall, small fruit, creamy yellow with red blush, used mostly for decoration, however it has a very sweet flavor, quite tasty.

MELROSE – Fall, green to yellow with red blush to full red, sweet and tart, superb all-around apple, excellent for fresh eating, pies, salads, applesauce and desserts.

      PINK LADY – Late Fall, one of the last apples to be picked, red and yellow, sweet and tart, good for fresh eating or cooking, solid dense texture, holds shape when cooked.

RED DELICIOUS – Fall, dark red tough skin, crisp sweet juicy flesh, good for fresh eating and salads, very poor for cooking purposes.

ROME – Fall, red or red and green, this apple is more suited for cooking and is considered by many to be the best apple for baking.