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Put on by an OSU Master Food Preserver.  Cost is $10 per person

June 28th, 9-11:30 Jams &  Jellies –  FULL!

July 26th, 9-11:30 Pressure Canning - Low acid foods, including vegetables and meats, require pressure canning for safety. Do you fear the pressure canner? Learn how to safely use this handy piece of equipment.

July 26th, 1-3pm - Second Jam & Jellies Class added, Learn the basics to safely preserve jam, jelly, and fruit syrups.    Try your hand at preserving a jar of jam during the class.

August 23rd, Morning- 9-11:30 Pickling & Chutneys- Vegetables and Fruits taste great pickled on their own or made into chutneys. Join us to learn safe pickling principles. Preserve a jar of pickles to take home.

August 23rd,  Afternoon- 1-3:30 Tomatoes & Salsa - Tomatoes are the most commonly preserved food! Join us to learn the essential steps to safely preserve tomatoes and salsa that can be enjoyed all year long. Preserve a jar of tomatoes, and sample salsa, during class.

To sign-up for a class or for more information please contact